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    Interview with a backpacker.
    I’m putting together a backpacker book. A book with funny stories from backpackers from all over the world.
    i want to make a book where different people tell about their experiences with travelling and meeting new people and everything else you experience while out travelling.
    A book that maybe will help people there aren’t really sure whether they want to go travelling or not.
    A book that will make “old” backpackers laugh, and make them remember their trip(s) and maybe wanna make them go again.
    But as i don’t only want to write about my trips and my experiences with travelling i need stories from other backpackers.

    Ive put up a list of questions, where you can tell different experiences and stories.
    I need them to be honest, the bad and the good ones, so that everyone can see how travelling can be on its good and on its bad sides.
    So if you could help me with this, it would be great.
    Please send me an email with your name and your email address and ill send the list of questions to you.
    Regards Carina

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